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11/13/14 This was my first time visiting a Pilates studio. I arrived really early and was welcomed by Christina. She showed me around the studio and explained some of the class to me. Each student that walked in the door greeted me with a smile and most with introductions!  Christina was excellent about showing moves for both beginners and advanced. The class moved smoothly and at a great pace. This was a great and very challenging class! If you are someone that worries about being judged because your new, don't!!  The studio was clean and very calming. The equipment was very well cared for and in excellent shape. If you don't have a mat, don't worry they have some to use!  After the class there was a meditation offered. This is exactly what I needed. I know I will definitely be trying out some of the other classes they offer!!!.  ~Jamie H.
9/28/14 This was my first Pilates class. I didn't know what to expect and I was a little bit nervous but after a few minute with Christina I felt comfortable and the class was a blasts. The next classes were even more fun. Thank you Christina for your patience and for providing us with a clean and fun environment :)  ~Raluca C.
4/2/14 This was my first time trying Pilates and the class was really easy to follow. The room was clean, and I enjoyed my experience!  ~Julie K.
3/22/14 First time doing Pilates and I LOVE it!  Christina is an excellent instructor.  She took her time to make sure each of us understood the movements and breathing.  Loved the pace of the class.  Felt very comfortable.  I look forward to the next class.  ~Diane C.
2/17/14 Great Class!  Christina does a great job helping new students and working with more experienced students to challenge them.  ~Elizabeth G.
2/5/14 This was my first experience with Pilates and if this experience is typical, I LOVE Pilates!  Christina is a great teacher, and mixes it up with each class so it is never boring.  It is challenging, but I agree with Frank, not overwhelming.  Always a great workout.  Thanks Christina!  ~Kathy D.
2/2/14 I was a little nervous going to my first class as i was out of practice and going to a new place.  Christina helped me feel at ease and was welcoming.  The pace was enough to challenge me and not be overwhelming.  I feel great and overall I have enjoyed my sessions and look forward to my Wednesday evening class.  ~Frank A.
10/21/13 Christina demonstrates a form of balance development for the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement.  ~Maria B.